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On several occasions, I worked directly with emerging authors, namely Alex Edelweiss (left) and Yuna Vais (right). In Alex's case, I, for the most part, played the role of a graphic designer: My responsibilities included creating fonts, designing the cover, and getting files print-ready (the portrait you see below was drawn by Daria Les', a.k.a. @chainiipocket on Instagram). But with Yuna, I was both a graphic designer and illustrator. The project is still ongoing because she intends to publish a couple more volumes of the novel.
Ten Illustrations for The Atlantic (Speculative).


When I'm done with the photo editing, I'm gonna show you pictures of my murals and other large-scale projects!
Book cover for Diary of a Young Naturalist by Dara McAnulty.
Book cover for The Afflictions by Vikram Paralkar.
These are my pictures from a zine about depression. The project required me to conduct an anonymous interview with a person who was willing to share their feelings of despair and resentment. Each drawing is based on phrases that piqued my interest.
Illustrations by Mishelle Sherri, Paper Sculpture by Mishelle Sherri, Мишель Шерри, paper art
Illustrations by Mishelle Sherri, Paper Sculpture by Mishelle Sherri, Мишель Шерри, paper art
In 2021, I collaborated with Lev Baraban (@lev.baraban on Instagram) on his board game, Beware of the Gnomes, along with the other two illustrators. For this project, each of us had to come up with a story full of morbid humour so that the reader has a better understanding of the game's lore and has a fun time reading comics about bloodthirsty garden gnomes. My part is about a stoner boy who hates his authoritarian mother, runs away, starts a family, but eventually gets murdered by the gnomes that hunted him down.
In my second year of uni, I collaborated with a group of three other illustrators to produce a collection of wrapping paper for a startup. During this project, I came up with three seamless pattern designs.
EP cover for Fletcher Barrett from Welkin Music. The idea behind this cover was to visualise music of different heights and juxtapose some objects so that it appeared a little bit chaotic and bizarre.
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